Vereniging voor de Nederlandse Vleeswarenindustrie |


The sales of cured meats is in decline, reason enough for the Union for Cured Meat Production to create a pitch seeking solution to this problem.


Cured meats are mainly used on sandwiches in The Netherlands and people are eating less and less bread due to changes in diet. Instead of convincing people to change their diet, we needed to offer new and exciting ways in which cured meats can be served.


We developed a content platform with hundreds of recipes that use cured meats in new and creative ways.

Working together with Dutch chefs, bloggers and influencers in the food industry, we developed recipes to help grow awareness. We spread these messages on several content platforms.


At present we have 92 unique recipes with many more set to come. Our own Vleeschwaar community has more than 16.000 enthusiastic Facebook friends that is rapidly growing each week. In 2018 we expect to have an entire online community with a reach of 30.000.


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